Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Lynchburg, Tennessee

D.F. Chase was selected as the builder of the new Jack Daniel’s Distillery which is now nestled in the hills of Lynchburg, Tennessee just up the hollow from the older historic world-famous distillery location. The new distillery features all of the same processes that have made Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey world-renowned, but this new state-of-the-art facility has been described as Goliath in size compared to any other distillery of its kind. Feeding water to this new distillery is the famous cave that sits about six hundred feet below the new distillery that was carefully guarded during construction from any contaminates or structural concerns. The new distillery features hundreds of tanks and miles of process piping systems all used in the process to ferment and make the coveted Tennessee whiskey. The new distillery was designed and the first phase set up for expansions of every aspect of the distillery as Jack Daniel’s continues to grow and dominate the bourbon world market. D.F. Chase is proud to be part of Tennessee history being the builder of this unique project and D.F. Chase is proud to have had a part in the making of a product that will ship out all over the world.