Foundational Processes Ensure Success

At D.F. Chase, we believe in being good stewards of the owner’s time, money and trust. This philosophy is simple, but one our project managers and superintendents live by.

The preconstruction phase of any complex project is one of the most crucial in terms of its overall success. For that reason, our multifaceted preconstruction approach is deliberate and thorough. We begin by ensuring that the owner’s requirements and provisions are clearly communicated and understood by all.

The next phase includes a comprehensive analysis of the project's many components: site, context, history, program, goals, budget, sustainability principles, schedule, lifecycle cost versus first cost, project management, communication, as well as construction means and methods.

We then assemble the most qualified and experienced team of professionals available. The subcontractors we choose are the best in the market and have both the experience and the capacity necessary to execute the project on time and on budget – without compromising quality. We designate senior staff members to manage complex projects and create solutions, allowing us to avoid pitfalls while maximizing the probability of success.