Lipscomb University – Sewell Hall Renovation

AWESOME—is the only way to describe the Sewell Renovation Project at Lipscomb University!  And we have D.F. Chase to thank for helping us make this renovation project the ‘rage’ on campus!  The outstanding craftsmanship, architecture, and discriminating attention to detail in Sewell Hall will make it our special residential centerpiece for many years to come!

Bill Davis, Lipscomb University, Dean of Students


Tennessee Education Association Headquarters

We are extremely pleased with the quality of work. Dean and his staff allowed us to exercise options while construction was underway. We were particularly impressed by that flexibility. I would recommend their work to anyone.

Dr. Cavit Cheshier, Tennessee Education Association, Director of T.E.A.

Ensworth School

Because of the schedule and the fact that we were trying to create a very unique, national-level design or feel, a lot more time went into the design phase than we probably would have liked, and yet the end date didn’t move. Chase is the one that had to make up the difference for that and get it done regardless. They continued to figure out a way around schedule issues, delivery issues, to make that happen. The difference in working with Chase is that I have a very high degree of comfort that when they tell me it can be done, that it can be done. I don’t have to worry about follow-up that it will be done, usually the answers are there before I need them.  That makes my job easier, makes the committee’s job easier, so that we can focus on the next piece we have to do as an owner.

David Johnson, Johnson, Johnson & Crabtree, Architect


Tap Publishing Headquarters (Design-Build)

We have the highest respect for D.F. Chase. We are very pleased with their work. They did the job the way they said they would, when they said they would.

Steve Stone, TAP Publishing, Partner

Vanderbilt University – Sarratt Student Center and Rand Hall

I want to take a minute and let you know how much I think of D.F. Chase’s work on the Sarratt Center project.  It was incredibly complicated and very difficult with the phases and the different issues that had to be worked around and D.F. Chase went more than the extra mile to make sure that the problems were minimized and that the project maintained a positive attitude.

David E. Johnson NCARB AIA, Johnson, Johnson & Crabtree, Architect

Inter-City Products Distribution Center (Design-Build)

There was never a doubt that D.F. Chase, Inc. wouldn’t meet all deadlines, or wouldn’t meet budget.

Michael Chevy, Inter-City Products, USA, President

Lipscomb University – Elam Hall Renovation (Design-Build)

Thank you!  What a wonderful beginning to the fall semester for the Lipscomb community – the newly renovated Elam Dorm was  ready for occupancy right on schedule!  We recognize that this was possible only because of the level of commitment D.F. Chase maintained throughout the summer months.   D.F. Chase is to be commended for the degree of excellence.

Scott A. McDowell, Lipscomb University, Dean of Campus Life

The Rawlings Group Corporate Headquarters

Mr. George Rawlings, the owner and president of The Rawlings Group says, “I am most pleased about the total package of the look and quality of the building.  The ease with which the project worked was astounding.  Considering the magnitude of the construction process, there was not a single issue that occurred.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Mr. George Rawlings, The Rawlings Group, Owner


Teksid Aluminum Plant

Chase did a fine and professional job, and we are very pleased with the results. We appreciate their flexibility during the construction process which allowed us to continue production during the expansion,” said Riccardo Tarantini, president of Teksid.

Riccardo Tarantini, Teksid, President