Nyrstar Dry Storage Facility – Clarksville, TN

Nyrstar – a zinc mining company with operations all over the world, hired D.F. Chase to design-assist a special project of a very tall and heavy structure they call the Dry Storage Facility. This structure consists of a fairly tall 45’ height roof with clear span open bays of over 200’ with no interior columns. The building was designed and constructed for zinc oxide raw materials to come into the new work area via barge and up to the building on a conveyor system.  Also, materials are taken from other sections of the plant and reloaded onto dump trucks and dump trailers that are brought to the dry storage facility and dumped for remixing.  The project was built in a very quick time frame and with Nyrstar operations in this work area in full production the entire duration of our work to build the structure.  Our crews would work in the day and they would use the same area and mix and load/unload materials at night.