Bulleit Distribution Warehouse Nos. 9 and 10

Shelbyville, Kentucky

D.F. Chase, Inc. was selected to construct a couple of more new barrel storage warehouses for the global alcohol branding giant – Diageo to add to previous projects built for this repeat client. Both of these projects consist of 57,490 square foot warehouses constructed from pre-engineered metal building frames with insulated metal walls and roof systems. The buildings’ operation mechanical and electrical systems are all Class 1 / Division 1 explosion and spark-sensitive rated systems allowing for ventilation and seasonal atmosphere within the building at all times that is vital to the product maturation process.  The finished structures house over 55,000 barrels of maturing/aging alcohol and include as another unique feature a six-foot high concrete containment wall around the entire building footprint with an operating floodgate that is ready to close and contain any spill upon a potential catastrophic event or leak of many barrels at the same time.