Bulleit Distillery Visitors Experience

Shelbyville, Kentucky

While the Bulleit Distillery Visitors Center project was being constructed at one area of the Bulleit Distillery site, D.F. Chase was also hired by Diageo to build the Bulleit Distillery Visitors Experience at another. This project consisted of upgrades to the roadways and gates and access for tour buses as well as a build-out of the multi-story main distillery facility.  The Visitors Experience project utilized many of the same materials and finishes and design themes from the new Visitors Center project so tourists would sense continuity from begging to end with their overall tour at Bulleit Experience.  The Visitors Experience takes tourists around the workings of the real live active distillery site along with touring past barrel warehouses that D.F. Chase also constructed at this campus.  The inside portion of the work and tour highlights the actual processes with tourists being able to see through large windows the massive copper still and pots, gather in the massive fermentation room, and even touch some of the interworking and the ingredients of whiskey during the actual distilling process.  The Bulleit Visitors Center and Bulleit Visitors Experience were both completed ahead of schedule and significantly under budget allowing Bulleit to host the 2019 “World Class” bartending event where bartenders competed for a coveted title.  This event was showcased on mass media as well, all bringing more attention to the products of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey abroad.